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LETShare - do-say-do organization

The essence of the LETShare is just: “Who put in what”? There is nothing new in this - just a way of looking at a process that's always been there. If it's a :

  • group process
  • flat organization - no hierarchy or control
  • negotiation of value

- then it could be called a LETShare arrangement.

The working group agrees to keep records of contributions by the various parties involved - so much by Kenji, Mayumi, Akemi, Takuya etc. Records can be in terms of time, money, equipment, resources, or expenses generally. This may be just for the record, and/or to encourage others to put in their share. The records can also be a key factor for internal group maintainance and morale. If such records aren't kept, then there's no way to tell how much work has gone into the project, and hence no way to evaluate what's happening, and what should be done next, and what should not be done again.

Similar examples might be keeping track of who works what hours at the food co-op, or who did the digging in the garden, or who paid what expenses on a group excursion. However, community projects and business ventures can also be tracked in this way, particularly where there is a need to prepare for distribution of the revenues / profits of the venture according to some agreed formula. This is often the basis of the profit sharing agreements for theatre or film productions.

Rather than assure or assume equality of effort in the group, this accounting allows all concerned to be clear about who has been doing what. The emphasis is put on showing differences rather than masking or otherwise overlooking them.

Formally, it makes sense for the group to meet occasionally to review the various filed submissions for acknowledgement. Valuations are likely to be negotiated before they are ratified by the group and entered into the records. Often submissions will need to be defined as preliminary statements of contributions made, specifically not as presentations of invoices, which could lead to tax implications before revenues exist.

In summary, a LETShare is keeping score within a group, perhaps for allocating rewards. It is the recommended process for the organization and management of regional cc development programs. We fly united, or not at all.