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a brief history of money

base reality - the economic unit



    money comes, money goes

    it has no loyalty

    the same for all

cascading down


    it isn't coming back

    you don't really know where it comes from

    spending money is voting - what are we voting for?

level in a virtual reserve


    virtual money in a virtual container has a real level

changing levels


    every exchange adds to one level and subtracts from another

exchanges in community


    this can only be expected to persist in a closed network

      the network can be large or small

      it can measure in any unit

      and operate under whatever rules are agreed

multiple cc systems -


    a group of users can form many different networks, for different purposes.

    open money is multiple by definition

    if there aren't easy means to create systems whenever wanted, it's not open money.

systems distributed across multiple servers


    the same extension as a LAN to internet

game outcomes


    with a single currency, the table would be vertically uniform

community balance


    even distribution

    individual behaviours (stagnant accounts) do not affect the overall system

conventional disparities


    since some have more, others have less

    spending is a required behaviour

how money circulates



    round and round, and in and out - the macro-economics of money and community.

the economic map



    Where money comes and goes.

    An effective cc system should support trading between as many sectors of the economy as possible. The particular needs of the non-profits - the most financially deprived sector - can be supported with cc systems.

"community way"


    A means to stimulate the start-up of systems, raise money for non profits and generate substantial business participation.